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You are invited to be a part! Are you looking for an alternative to traditional “church”? Imagine a Sunday morning with a group of positive thinking people listening to a dynamic speaker. This speaker is offering ways to have greater health, happiness, prosperity, and more loving relationships. This is what you can experience at the Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living.

  • Here you will open new doors of self-awareness.
  • Here you will find space to release the magnificence that is you.
  • Here you will think and express, listen and share, learn, and participate.
  • Here you will discover the richness of new friendships that support you as you become the person God already knows you to be.
  • Here you will unlock the secret of mastery in living as you discover the principles of genuine happiness, good health, true success, continuing prosperity, and unlimited blessings.

Religious Science philosophy is not a revelation of any one individual - it is the culmination of all revelations. Many great philosophers including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Sri Aurobindo influenced Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of our teaching. Science of Mind® integrates Eastern and Western spiritual teachings in a practical way. Our Center is a place to find support and encouragement along your path of transformation, along with effective spiritual tools and a point of view that is expansive and empowering.

If you are looking for keys to a richer way of living, you are invited to join us. Allow us to share with you what we have found. At the Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living, you will find varied opportunities to grow your heart and mind. You will discover many possibilities for expanding yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Weekly Sunday Service at 10 AM


Youth Service 10 AM (during Weekly Service)
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