The Medicine Within

Date: Mondays
Time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Location: Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living
501 W. Broad St. (rear entrance)
Quakertown, PA 18951

There is a self-healing aspect which is part of every person‘s body, mind and spirit. Even though a disease may come from the outside, as in a virus, the internal healing mechanism of the immune system is the most important healer. A doctor may set a broken leg, but it is your body that repairs the break. The best and most profound medicine is already within you. You can learn and apply methods to activate the medicine within and its ability to heal you.

The Qigong of China and Pranayama of India are systems of self-applied health enhancement which are easy to learn and simple to apply. These practices modify and accelerate the body‘s own self-regulating physiological and bioenergetic mechanisms. They have a very practical application for healing diseases as well as supporting health maintenance, endurance and longevity. And best of all, they are strategies that you can implement yourself to support your own healing process.

The Medicine Within class meets weekly and consists of:

  1. Gentle Movement
  2. Breath Practice
  3. Self Massage
  4. Relaxation Practice
  5. Discussion topics on health, longevity, nutrition, eating well, and weight management

These techniques are easy to learn, easy to apply, require no special knowledge or training and can be practiced by all people--sick or well.

For more information email Rev. Pat at medicinewithin(at)

$50. for 6 classes      1 class $10.

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