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Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living Unexpected Income Program
September - October 2012

As we become more and more aware that the circumstances in our life are directly connected with the consciousness with which we approach life, we are able to change those circumstances by changing our consciousness. We live life with more awareness of the creativity of our thoughts and feelings. By learning about the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment, we open to the possibility that Treatment can effect a change in our life, if we have the willingness to let go of old limiting belies and accept a positive change. Choose NOW to leave behind struggles with money forever! Choose NOW to allow the walls of lack and delay to crumble away. Choose NOW to open to a prosperity born out of the expectation of good.

Take a Quantum Leap! • Fully expect income from all kinds of sources
• Focus on God as your source.
• Joyfully share 10% of all unexpected income,
• Use gratitude as your primary feeling about money,
• Let forgiveness be your path with others.

How the Unexpected Income Program Works
•Make the decision to be abundant.
•Submit the Registration form by mail or by submitting to Rev. Phanor.
•Download the registration form and brochures.

Side One Program Brochure
Side Two Program Brochure

•Speak the Spiritual Mind Treatment daily for yourself and everyone in the program. A whole team of people will be praying for YOUR prosperity every day!
•Visualize yourself as abundant and prosperous in all areas of your life ‚Äì NOW!
a. I always have enough money to meet my needs and the infinite spirit never stops my income.
b. I like money, I believe that it is God‘s activity; that it is good.
•Develop a willingness to forgive every person and circumstance you need to release. It is impossible to prosper and create the joy-filled life you desire and hold on to the negativity of yesterday.
•Place yourself in the flow of prosperity by sharing 10% of your unexpected income with QCSL. Put 90% of your demonstration to good and joyful use in your life!
If you wish, write out the story of your Unexpected Income demonstration and give it to Rev. Phanor for inclusion in our newsletter. (Indicate whether or not to use your name.)