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Message from the Founder and Director

The Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living is a trans-denominational church and is part of an international organization of metaphysical churches known as International Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Religious Science International). On a broader scale, we are part of a spiritual movement called New Thought. The Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living is growing. We are coming up on our 9th anniversary.I am very excited to be the Director and Founder of this centre. My commitment is to create an atmosphere of harmony and unity in a place where people are encouraged to embrace and express their God self.

My role as the Director is not to tell you what to think, but to bring the message that how you think is important. The quality of life's experience first begins within your own consciousness. You alone hold the key to self-realization.

Our centre is a place to find support and encouragement along your path of transformation, along with effective spiritual tools and a point of view that is expansive and empowering. If you are looking for keys to a richer way of living, I invite you to join us. Allow us to share with you what we have found.

--- Rev. Patricia Phanor, Founder and Director, Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living


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